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Preferred Homes specializes in building homes less than 3000-square-feet

Posted at 11:37 AM, Jun 02, 2017

Ready for a new home, but are frustrated with the housing market? There's a way to build a new home without waiting through months of construction and now spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Preferred Homes specializes in building smaller homes from the ground up, with most of their models measuring at under 2000 square-feet. They have hundreds of floor plans to choose from, with thousands of ways to customize and decorate to build a dream home.

Along with a smaller living space, the smaller homes are also energy efficient and easier to maintain.

Leigh Ann stepped inside one of these homes to get a tour, and could not believe what she saw.

Preferred Homes is located at 6132 Division Avenue South in Grand Rapids.

For more information call them toll free at 866-650-7376 or go online to