Ted Nugent gets behind Michigan made gun sling

Posted at 6:36 PM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 18:36:27-04

ALLEGAN,  Mich. - After perfecting the Paracord Gun Sling in his basement, a local war veteran is getting national product recognition on Ted Nugent's upcoming TV series 'Spirit of the Wild.'

"It's really a Cinderella story," said Thomas J. Lindsley, First Sgt. United States Cavalry retired & founder of Cold Steel Tactical.

Lindsley was a former tank commander in the military for 22 years. He spent time in Korea and Germany fighting for our country before coming back to Allegan, Michigan with his wife. Now, he's searching for a new mission.

"This is a survival bracelet on steroids," said Lindsley during an interview at a gun range in Allegan on Wednesday. "If you had to take all or any of the Paracord on here, the bungee will allow the sling to stay intact. "

The retired veteran began making new and improved Paracord Gun Slings in his basement, which are now trademarked as The Survivor Sling. They keep any large rifle or shotgun secured to your body offering both single and double point hook-ups wrapped in 80 feet of military spec Paracord that can be used in a number of different emergencies.

After three years of selling his product to local outdoor sportsman shops, Lindsley now has a team of 20 service-connected disabled veterans helping make his product throughout West Michigan.

"We're an ex-military based company for all the men and women who can no longer get a job because of their injuries," said Chief Gun Sling Maker, Stephanie Miller.

Cold Steel Tactical is now a sponsor for the Allegan Co. Swat Team, various police departments in Georgia, and it's caught the attention of Motor City Madman Ted Nugent.

"This got him thinking, 'this would be perfect, it’s right up Ted Nugent’s ally!'" said Miller. "So he sent him a sling and said, 'just test it,' and it was like a snowball effect from there."

Nugent released this rave review after testing the product himself:

“Cold Steel Tactical was created to provide ops for the great hero warriors in the world,” Vet-owned, vet operated and vet staffed in my birth state of Michigan.  Now we the people can benefit from their great product. Every time I can, I hire American veterans because they just seem to always do a better job.  The Survivor Sling is a perfect example.  I sling a lot of rifles and shotguns, and The Survivor Sling works better than any other I have used and abused over a 60+ year slingfest!  These beauties are the ultimate in heavy-duty durability, utility, and comfort.”        --Ted Nugent

Nugent is helping turn the grass roots, Michigan made gun sling into a nation-wide sensation by promoting the product on his upcoming TV show, 'Spirit of the Wild.'

"We're really on the tip of the iceberg," said Lindsley. "Everyone that sees it likes it, and more and more people are coming back."

Lindsley says $5.00 from every sling goes towards military families and first responders in law enforcement. Retail for The Survivor Sling is $69.99 plus shipping. You can either buy one in a few dozen outdoor shops in West Michigan or you can purchase one from the Cold Steel Tactical website.

"I've gotta have a mission like all of our troops do," said Lindsley. "It's a whole purpose of having a purpose, one you know that is yours and it's something special."