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Tech-savvy systems from West Michigan Heating and Air Conditioning make it easy to live comfortably this summer

Posted at 11:35 AM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 11:34:56-04

Previously on the Morning Mix, Todd took a tour of the home of Joe and Debbie, customers of West Michigan Heating and Air Conditioning, where he took a look at their Lennox system.

Now that we know what the system does, we'll be exploring their living spaces of the house and how the technology from their heating and cooling system not only keeps them comfortable, but saves them money.

The Lennox heating and cooling system has a "dual climate control" feature, allowing different areas of the house to be different temperatures. So if one person in the house likes it cooler but the other likes it warmer, they can each change one area of the house to fit their needs.

The system also heats and cools the house in one degree increments, so the system isn't constantly overheating or over-cooling the house, saving homeowners energy and money.

The thermostat can also be changed via smartphone. Homeowners are able to change the temperature of their home through an app, anywhere with an internet connection. Along with temperature, users can change the humidity level and turn on/off fans.

West Michigan Heating and Air Conditioning is located at 3640 Highland Drive in Hudsonville. For more information on their services or to schedule an appointment, call (616)-669-3961.