Battle Creek woman escapes alleged assault where she was bound with trash bags

Posted at 7:35 PM, May 23, 2017

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A local woman spent Tuesday recovering in the hospital after she escaped a brutal attack. It’s unclear what the relationship was between the two but they'd known each other a just a few months. Police said an argument broke out at his home  on Parish Street and that's when the man grew hostile.

“The male ended up either wrapping or tying the female up in trash bags,” said Det. Sgt. Troy Gilleylen of the Battle Creek Police Department. “He then proceeded to assault her. She then lost consciousness.”

Investigators said the man bound her hands and feet using garbage or plastic bags. The 47-year-old suspect beat her repeatedly, even using a weapon at one point during the assault.

“He was swinging a machete, a very long-style machete blade at her,” said Det. Sgt. Gilleylen. “When officers arrived on scene we were able to locate that machete.”

Officers arrived only after the woman ran out of his homes and directly to a neighbor's house for help, police said. She told police that the moment he left the room, she bolted for the door. She immediately called 911 and soon after the man was arrested on charges of  felonious assault with intent to rape. He’s lodged at county jail, while the woman continues to heal from her bruises at the hospital.

“Right now she’s in good condition,” said Det. Sgt. Tory Gilleylen. “She’s at a local hospital, seeking treatment.”