Meth lab found in van, two men arrested

Posted at 8:02 AM, May 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-01 08:10:04-04

THREE RIVERS, Mich. — Two men were taken to the St. Joseph County Jail on Friday evening when police found methamphetamine and marijuana in a van during a traffic

Photo from Three Rivers Police Department


The Three Rivers Fire Department saw the maroon van, allegedly involved with an ongoing narcotic investigation, on South Main Street in Three Rivers. The police conducted a traffic stop, and found three adult men inside the vehicle.

Police deployed Django with the K9 unit, who positively identified drug odor in the vehicle. Following a search, multiple baggies of methamphetamine were located and marijuana was found on one passenger.

An active methamphetamine lab and equipment to produce meth were found in the vehicle as well, according to police. The lab was dismantled by certified responders and the Three Rivers Fire Department.

The 39-year-old driver and 34-year-old passengers are now facing manufacturing methamphetamine and methamphetamine sale charges.