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Keep baseball caps organized with these hacks

Posted at 12:01 PM, Apr 06, 2017

As a baseball cap collection grows, there's an increasing need to figure out where to store them. We found a few ways on how to keep your hats organized.

Dowel Rod and Hooks

ball cap storage

Measure a thin wooden dowel to fit the width at the end of the closet. Screw two hook screws into the wall, slid the curtain hooks onto the dowel, and place the dowel into the hooks.

Clothes Hanger and Shower Curtain Rings

DIY Hat Organizer

Hook plastic shower curtain rings onto a hanger, and slide a hat onto each ring! So simple!

Shoe Organizer

turned a shoe storage into a hat storage...:

Instead of putting shoes into a plastic over-the-door shoe storage bag, just put a hat into each slot!