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DIY sensory toys kids will love

Posted at 1:47 PM, Apr 03, 2017

Sensory toys are great for little kids because they help stimulate the child's imagination and offer challenges to process. Instead of buying fancy sensory toys, here are a few ideas on how to make your own on a budget.

Sensory Board with Primary Colors

This sure is a BUSY busy board - I bet ALL toddlers would LOVE this DIY sensory board!:

Kids are busy, that's why a homemade busy board could be the answer to occupying them. Basically on one big board, attach everything from unwired light switches and door locks, to wheels and flaps for them to open.

Sensory Bag

Image Source: Plain Vanilla Mom

A great way to expose little ones to different textures, colors and sounds is with sensory bags. Get a good quality Zip Loc bag, fill it with anything from tiny toys to googly eyes to glitter, then fill it up with hair get, shampoo, or bubble bath. Seal it tight, test it a few times, and squish it around.

Sensory Bottle: Rain Stick

DIY Sensory Bottles: Rain Stick - made with toothpicks and grain:

A child's sense of sound will love these DIY Rain Sticks. All you need is a clear plastic bottle with a cap, wooden toothpics, wooden skewers, and small uncooked grains. Dumpt it all in, seal it tight, and make it rain.

Watch Todd and Leigh Ann make their own on Facebook.