Liquor home delivery now legal in Michigan for some retailers

Posted at 4:29 PM, Mar 31, 2017

WYOMING, Mich. -- As of Wednesday, Michigan retailers may now deliver spirits to your home if they meet certain licensing requirements. Already it's creating a buzz in one Wyoming neighborhood.

Speaking with a pair of regular customers Friday, owners of Galewood Foods in Wyoming, brothers Paras and Sharan Chhabra tell FOX 17 they're offering home delivery now as a service, not a money-maker. Galewood Foods is a liquor store, originally a market, located at 1149 Burton St. SW.

“I actually had a close, very close friend of mine, her mother just passed away in Walker with a drunk driver hitting her," said Sharan Chhabra. "So we figured once we have the state giving us an opportunity to do this for the community, so we figured we would forward ourselves and do this for the community.”

Since Wednesday, you can call in your $10-minimum order to Galewood Foods including liquor, beer, wine or food for a $5 fee within a five-mile radius; it'll cost a bit more ordering further away. The Chhabras say their employee, certified with alcohol server training, will drive it to your home then verify your age by scanning your license or state ID.

As of Wednesday Senate Bill 1088 became law: retailers statewide with Specially Designated Merchant and Specially Designated Distributor licenses may deliver spirits, in addition to beer and wine, to consumers' homes. The retailer must use their employees or a licensed third party who have received commission-approved alcohol server training to make the delivery and check the recipient is of age.

“It’s not about just making money, it’s for the community," said Paras Chhabra.

The Chhabras reiterate they are offering this service to help stop drunk driving, not to gain big business.

“Do not drink and drive, be safe, make sure you do not get behind the wheel because it’s not a consequence for you, it’s for other people," said Paras Chhabra.