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Halfway There; Saving the Grand Haven Pier

Posted at 12:15 PM, Mar 28, 2017

The Grand Haven South Pier is in desperate need of repairs, and the local community is coming together to save it through the Save the Catwalk Campaign.

The original wood Catwalk was added to the pier in 1871, followed by the steel version in 1922. Since then there have been many people to use that catwalk over the years for getting a closer view of the lake, and as a sense of security and stability on the pier when the lake gets rough.

In 2015, the pier was considered to be unsafe for public use. The Catwalk is such a popular icon for beach goers in Grand Haven, the city decided to start Save the Catwalk with the goal to raise $1 million.

All the money made to restore the pier is solely from donations, not through taxpayers. Three major fundraising events have taken place so far raising a total of $545,000.

The next fundraising events will be at the Great Lakes Kite Festival on May 20, and a summer waterfront wine tasting on June 29.

To make a donation, visit