Prepping your yard for the spring storm season

Posted at 4:52 PM, Mar 27, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- The windstorm that blew through our state earlier this month showed us firsthand the damage Michigan weather can do to property.

The biggest problem was downed trees taking out power lines, roofs and even cars. There is something that can protect you from the next storm: tree maintenance.

Certified arborist Dustin Meyers tells FOX 17, “When you have the high winds they weaken a lot of these larger trees and a lot of times they go unnoticed until they do fail.”

And remember, it's Michigan, the wind storm we had a few weeks ago will not be the last of the season.

“Spring storms are coming up real soon," explains Meyers, "So make sure you’re walking around your yard and just checking out around the property to make sure the trees you have are not going to fail and hit your home.”

Even if you think you have plenty of space between your home and your treeline, the experts say check again.

“A lot of people overlook the trees that are 30 - 40 feet outside the perimeter of the home that are over a hundred feet tall," Meyers tells FOX 17, "Some of those large trees when they do fail, they’re falling in the direction of the home they’re going to hit the house, causing a lot of damage and possibly hurting somebody.”

If you're not confident in your tree evaluating, Meyers has a tip for you.

“If you get a large tree that looks great from the outside it might be healthy, but it may not be so the best way to tell is to look at the canopy. If you start to see a lot of dead branches in the canopy that could be a tell tale sign that the tree is going into a decline and the tree could be hollowed out.”

Many tree services offer free estimates, which is a great way to get your property checked before the spring storm season.

To have Meyers evaluate your home visit Timber Ridge Tree Care.