West Michigan giraffe expecting baby this fall

Posted at 4:40 PM, Mar 16, 2017

ALTO, Mich. -- While the world is still watching and waiting for giraffe mom April to give birth to her baby in New York State, there could be another baby on the way right here in West Michigan at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park in Alto.

With Annabelle the giraffe over his shoulder, park manager Joshua Baker tells FOX 17, “She would be due probably October, November so we are really hoping we can join that baby fever as well."

So far the signs are good for Tucker and Annabelle to new parents.

"She hasn’t come into heat in quite a few months," explains Baker, "Her belly is starting to get round and firm, so those are some good signs. Tucker has been pretty protective too.”

Baker says the possible parents are a good pair because they balance each other out.

“She’s a very docile, calm giraffe. Tucker the young male, is kind of like a young boy, he likes to get restless, he likes to cause trouble sometimes.”

The park won't know for sure if Annabelle is pregnant until July, but till then Baker says there are plenty of other babies to fawn over.

“Our lemur female just had twins on Monday the 6th. A lot of the other antelopes and the bison will be having babies May, June, July so come spring time we have a big baby fever here at the park."

And hopefully come October or November we'll have a new giraffe baby to look forward to right here in West Michigan.