Police find diaper-clad baby in freezing outdoors; couple charged

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 00:16:23-04

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. -- Alisha Weems, 25, found herself in the Calhoun County Jail and in front of a county judge. She’s accused of exposing her 8-month-old baby to frigid, 28 degree temperatures.

The infant only had on a diaper, according to Battle Creek police. On Wednesday, an officer allegedly spotted her with her boyfriend Vaughn Santora. Police said both appeared to be under the influence.

“His behavior was nearly as incoherent. So as the officer continued to investigate, he became concerned not only for the 8-month-old, but there was also a 3-year-old that was still present in the car and appeared very cold. The car was not running," Lieutenant Matthew Robinson said.

Police believe the couple had run out of gas. In court, Weems even appeared to have a hard time remembering her toddler's name and began rocking back and forth wincing her eyes.
Santora is also charged with fourth degree child abuse.

"Do you understand the charge against you?" the judge asked Santora.

Santora replied, "Um no, I don't because I'm innocent and that is complete bull crap."

During their interaction with police, Battle Creek police said Weems giggled when the officer told her that her children were being taken away by Child Protective Services.

“Apparently just started screaming that the children only needed God, and that was his response to it. That was just prior to them being taken into custody. But the mother was incoherent enough that her only response was to giggle," Robinson explained.

It's just one of many bizarre reactions the officer is said to have witnessed during the arrest.

"So the officer tried to dig a little deeper and figure out the last time they had eaten," Robinson said.

He said the boyfriend responded by saying 'he doesn’t need to feed them, because God provides for them.'