Rockford City Council approves controversial development project

Posted at 10:46 PM, Mar 13, 2017

ROCKFORD, Mich. -- A public hearing in Rockford Monday night gave people one last chance to speak out about a controversial development project.

The Tamarack Run Development Plan, which has had a lot of legal back and forth over the past few years, is centered around building condos on a plot at 202 North Monroe.

Although the plan received the green light from Rockford City Council not everyone supports the additional housing coming to the area. The plan for the condos has 49 units that would be built next to a creek just a few blocks from City Hall.

Residents in the area have been vocal, posting 'No to Monroe' signs in front of several homes in the area.  Developing the site has been a hot topic for two years.  In fact, it was approved last January by the city commission, but according to local publications, it needed a super-majority vote after nearby residents filed a petition.  That vote didn't happen.

At Monday night's meeting, residents reiterated some of their concerns, including how building on the site will impact storm water run off as well as the wetlands and Rum Creek.

Another major concern is that the plan only has one way in and out, something they say will disrupt the flow of traffic.

"Children walk up and down this sidewalk, take their bicycles all the way to Parkside Elementary. You know one way in and out, 49 units, maybe 2 cars each, I don't understand why the city feels it's a safe idea," said Rockford resident Lynn McIntosh.

The price tag for the units will be between $220,000 and $360,000. Now that the preliminary development plan has been approved by Rockford City Council, a final development plan must get the green light from the planning commission before the development can move forward.

Developers tell FOX 17 they hope to break ground and begin construction on Tamarack Run in a few months.