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How to save money grocery shopping

Posted at 12:15 PM, Mar 09, 2017

Do you find yourself cutting corners when buying groceries?

Jennifer Roskamp, mom of eight and blogger of The Intentional Mom, shares some tips on how to be a Smart Shopper when it comes to feeding the family.

Create and consult your price log: Create a price log to help track the good, better, and best prices of the groceries you buy. It's important to know when a sale is a good sale, and when it isn't. Finding big sales is especially good for when it's time to stock up on everyday cooking items.

Pay attention to the price per ounce: Bigger does not always mean better! Only get what you need, especially if it's not on sale.

Be willing to shop at more than one store: If something isn't on sale at one store, it might be at another. Even drugstores, food outlets, and Amazon can be great places to buy certain items. The price log will come in handy for this!

Participate in programs that offer rebates: Jennifer highly recommends Ibotta, it's a great way to earn cash back on the items you're already buying anyway.

Walk the aisles: Keep an eye out for things that are on clearance or having some sort of unadvertised special. Walking the aisles don't take much time, and it can lead to great savings.

Use coupons: Combining coupons, with sales, and cash back programs are the best ways to save money on groceries.

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