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Transform these everyday objects into jewelry holders

Posted at 12:44 PM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 12:44:32-05

Are you constantly tossing your jewelry into one box, only to find when you pull out a necklace everything is tangled? Here's a few objects you can use to make a display stand for your favorite pieces of jewelry.

Yard Rake

Just because the handle of a bow rake is broken, doesn't mean the rake part of it is useless. Paint it, hang it upside down, and go ahead and hang your necklaces on it!

Book Ring Holder

boutique style jewelry displays | you need for this adorable ring display is an old book. This display ...:

Whether you make rings to sell or want a creative way to display them at home, check out what you can make with a book. Simply bend the pages, and put a little hot glue on them to stay in place. The rings will stay right in place!

Picture Frame and Hair Curlers

Display your jewelry like a work of art with a package of foam hair rollers, some fabric, and at least a 5 x 7 inch picture frame. Take the foam off the plastic pins, and lay them down into the frame. Put fabric over the top, tucking it into the crease in between each foam roller. This will create the little sections to hold your jewelry in place.