‘Blake The Beast’ gets his 200th wrestling win

Posted at 11:11 PM, Mar 05, 2017

PLAINFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- A couple of years ago, FOX 17 met an amazing wrestler from Belding, Michigan, Blake the Beast.

"It`s just cool to wrestle, sometimes I`ll lose and get down on myself and then I`ll come back," Blake said.

On Sunday, Blake Peasley recorded his 200th win during an event at Northview High School, one of the many accomplishments he already has at age nine.  "It feels amazing because it was against a tough kid," said Peasley.

But Blake`s journey in the Michigan Youth Wrestling Association is not just about his title as a state champion and now national champion. His perseverance goes above and beyond. Blake has a blood disorder. Von Willebrand disease - where his blood doesn't clot - meaning if Blake gets a bloody nose or other injury, he could be bleeding for hours or even days. But that doesn't stop Blake, from his passion.

"I don`t know I just try to keep my head up and keep wrestling how I am," the young wrestler said.

And despite his doctor`s concerns about playing contact sports, his parents have supported him in the sport that he loves so much, saying it`s hard to stop your child who`s doing so well at something. They also say they`ve worked with the doctors, trainers, and coaches so that they are aware of  Blake's condition.

So what are Blake`s goals for the future? To keep on going.

"To go to college and be a national champion and state champion," the nine year old boasted.

There`s no stopping Blake the Beast.