Yelp takes stance on transgender rights, offering new feature

Posted at 3:30 AM, Mar 04, 2017

(CNN) — Users of ratings and review platform Yelp can sort businesses based on location, price points, and reviews and soon you’ll be able to find which businesses offer gender-neutral bathrooms.

The company announced a new feature that will tell users which businesses have bathrooms that offer a single, locking stall that are available to any gender.

Businesses can self-report the availability of these bathrooms and customers can also indicate them.

The company plans to have enough data on the bathrooms in a few weeks to enable search result filtering based on it.

That means Yelp users will be able to search specifically for businesses that offer gender-neutral bathrooms.

Yelp’s CEO has been a vocal critic of laws that force people to use bathrooms for genders they do not identify with.