Brave couple shares story of love and fight against Alzheimer’s

Posted at 4:14 PM, Feb 27, 2017

BIG RAPIDS, Mich - Alan Beamer doesn't remember where the bathroom or bedroom are, at times he doesn't remember his wife's name, but he's not ashamed to tell the world how much he loves her when he does remember.

You might remember the storywe first brought you last year about Alan and Marybeth Beamer and the couple's continued battle with Alzheimer's Disease. Marybeth has foregone the expense of putting her husband in a nursing home, now taking care of him with the help of hospice from the comfort of their own home. A year later, they're still sharing stories of love and strength even though some of those memories are starting to fade away.

"We laugh about Alzheimer’s," Marybeth said. "I tease him because he’s blind. That’s good news for me because he still thinks I’m a size three."

When asked about their journey as a couple, Marybeth calls it their love story but it doesn't come easy. Alan has visual variance Alzheimer's and is now almost fully blind.

Marybeth says the toughest part is when Alan forgets they've been married over 20 years.  She sleeps then on the couch because Alan says he can't sleep with her because she's not his wife and he's a faithful man.

A year has passed since a recording they made went viral, even being shared by Ashton Kutcher on Facebook.

If you'd like to share a friendly message of hope and support, you can message the Beamers on their Facebook page, here.