Many outside enjoying the spring like weather in West Michigan

Posted at 10:16 PM, Feb 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-18 22:16:48-05

WEST MICHIGAN -- It may only be February, but it looked and felt a lot more like Spring-time in West Michigan on Saturday.

Lots of people explored downtown Grand Rapids, while others made their way to Riverside Park.

"We are out enjoying this beautiful day," said Marina Kosiorek. "Riverside park is fabulous. We've been walking around the river. We stopped and had ice cream, walking the dog and playing with the baby."

Temperatures were in the 60's in some area, which convinced people like Nicholas Gonzalez to go fishing.

"just enjoying the day fishing, hopefully try to catch something," said Gonzalez.

Everyone we talked to seemed to be appreciative of the warm weather we're having this time of year.

"Honestly it's a gift, it's a beautiful day," said Seth Holmes. "It's about 60 degrees, sun's setting, it's a beautiful day."

While most are appreciative, at least one person we talked to suspects colder weather might be right around the corner.

"I wish it would last a little longer", said Terry Hein. "I have a feeling next week we're going to be all bundled up."

The rest of the weekend looks favorable for outdoor activities and the warmer weather will likely continue into next week.