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DIY Bookshelves

Posted at 1:34 PM, Feb 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-16 13:34:20-05

Are you the kind of person who ditches the Kindle and reads paper books? If that's you, eventually you're going to run out of space on the bookshelf. So instead of buying another bookshelf, here's some creative ways to make more space for those treasured novels.

Rain Gutter Bookshelf

Rainy days and book reading go hand and hand for some, so why not use a 10-foot-long rain gutter to store all those good reads? The project will cost only about $12 per shelf. Screw them onto the wall exactly the way you would on the house, and then you're done!

Pallet Bookshelf

Creative DIY Pallet Storage Ideas and Projects

Pallet decor is hot right now, it's a good thing pallets are easy to find. Pallets can be turned into the perfect place to store books, because you can get three shelves out of one pallet.

Metal Basket Shelf

Whether you want to hung them down in the antique store or snag them at Hobby Lobby, metal baskets are all the rage. If your counter space or floor is not an option, how about a wall? Just bolt them to the wall, then you'll have some clever storage.