Multiple seasons in West Michigan the next 48 hours

Posted at 12:34 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 09:04:58-05


WEST MICHIGAN-  Most of us have seen the popular meme above (or some variation of it.)  This is not fully accurate, and really never is, but provides a good laugh leading into the discussion about what we’ll experience over the coming days.


It’s this northern zone that I would highlight for the longest possibility of frozen precip.  Note how close the temperatures are to freezing at the surface.  I would expect a few more areas to be at or near freezing at this time, resulting in potential slick road conditions.


I still expect the frozen precipitation to be brief, and most of the impacts will be minimal.


By early afternoon, even areas I highlighted as the most impacted will be above freezing at this time.  What really stands out is how warm areas to the south are expected to jump!  The warm front will make its way into most of West Michigan, and at this time you can expect some snow to melt and fog to develop.


There is still another season to get to, and that’s the one we’re currently in: winter.  We’ll feel it Wednesday with temperatures holding steady in the mid 20s all day with breezy conditions and lake effect snow developing.


This won’t be a huge lake effect snow event, but it may cause some slick spots as all the rain freezes and new snow falls on top of it.  48 Tuesday afternoon….12 Thursday morning: #PureMichigan