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Closet organization hacks

Posted at 11:27 AM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 11:27:39-05

Get a jump start on your spring cleaning by tackling a bit of closet organizing that won't break the bank.

No-Slip Hangers

You could spend some descent money on no-slip hangers, but after this trick you'll see how a couple of bucks will go a long way. Buy one bag of pipe cleaners, wrap the outer edges of the upper part of the hanger. As you can see, it will stop your clothes from slipping off the hangers.

Multi-Cami Hanger

The cami has become a staple for many women's wardrobes, but sometimes tracking them down when you're in a pinch can be time consuming. An easy way to hang them and free up space in your drawers is by purchasing a circular belt hanger. That way all the camis will hang in one place, and not take up too much closet space.

Closet Organizer

Does everything in your linen closet fall like an avalanche when you open the door? Constantly grabbing a hand towel when you only need a washcloth?

Organize your closet by buying metal file sorters, roll your linen closet items and put different towel types in each bin. They stay nice and net, and look that way too.