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Personalized workout helps Muskegon mom towards healthy living

Posted at 11:20 AM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 11:19:18-05

Like a relationship, going to the gym takes time, dedication, commitment and energy. Lakeshore Fitness Center personalizes workouts for each member, because like relationships, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others.

That's exactly what Lakeshore Fitness did for Muskegon mom, Jessica Shagonaby.

"I've struggled with my weight probably since the second grade," Shagonaby said. Throughout her whole life her weight would constantly go up and down, but after it went up one last time, she decided it was time for a change.

When Shagonaby arrived at Lakeshore Fitness, she received a Body Age Assessment, and trained staff designed a program based on her physical abilities and goals.

The pool was a really good place to start on Shagonaby's journey to healthy living. "I have knee and back problems, so I needed an activity where I didn't have to put so much pressure in my joints at first."

As she started moving and following her training program, she found herself feeling better physically and mentally. She started gaining more energy, and progressively was able to do more physical activities she couldn't do before.

"I can move more, get out, do things with my kids, my family, my friends, and it just helps tremendously," Shagonaby said.

While Shagonaby says that losing weight is a bonus as part of working out, it's more about keeping a healthy lifestyle.

"It's more about being healthy then the number on the scale," Shagonaby explained. "I want to be around for my kids, my boyfriend, my family, for everybody. I just want to be there for them and I wouldn't be if I kept going the way I was."

Shagonaby says her biggest challenge in her journey to is her diet, but has been working hard to make small changes to improve her health. "I'm an emotional eater, so I've been trying to eat baby carrots instead of getting a bag of candy."

After four months of being a member at Lakeshore Fitness Center, Shagonaby hasn't regretted joining.

"I'm so ready to inspire other people to get healthier, to get that motivation, to be that person that inspires somebody else. Even if I can inspire one person, then that person can inspire another person. That's all I can really ask for."

Lakeshore Fitness Center is located at 900 West Western Avenue in Downtown Muskegon. For more details on their programs and hours, call (231) 722-9322.