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Genetic counseling shows potential risks factors for pregnancy

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jan 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-27 10:48:56-05

Looking to start a family, but are worried about potential genetic risks?

Katey Mayberry, a certified genetics counselor explains how Spectrum Health's Preconception Genetic Counseling can help families understand potential risk factors for a future pregnancy.

Couples that are thinking about starting a family usually schedule an appointment with a genetics counselor because they have concerns about a condition that runs in the family. By looking at a person's family history, it's easier to identify what conditions and birth defects are more likely to appear in their children if they were to get pregnant.

If one of the potential parents was adopted and don't know much about their family history, genetics counselors can help find the risks.

After meeting with a counselor, there are some cases where no follow up is required and couples find out everything they need to know on the first visit. However, some patients want to have additional testing for genetic conditions.

Referrals are required to be seen by a genetics counselor, so make sure you speak with your doctor before trying to make an appointment.

For more information about referrals or services provided by the clinic, call (616) 391-2700.