‘I grabbed my machete:’ Gunshot victim defends self during robbery

Posted at 5:16 AM, Jan 25, 2017

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Cevone Woodberry, 20, tells FOX 17 he used a machete to defend himself before he was shot at least three times. He is recovering after leaving the hospital Wednesday morning.

"Then they came back in, so I grabbed my machete and hit him with the machete," said Woodberry to FOX 17 shortly after returning from the hospital. "He rushed me and knocked it out of my hand so I slammed him against the wall and once I did that that's when he shot me, he shot me three times."

It happened at approximately 4:30 a.m. at near Gold Avenue SW and Fulton. Grand Rapids Police say there was a knock on the Woodberry's door, and when he answered, he was confronted by what he believes to be three suspects wearing masks. When they demanded cash, Woodberry says he defended himself with a machete, but ended up being shot multiple times. He is expected to recover.

"I hopped to my room and I called my dad," said Woodberry. "He got on the phone and asked what was going on because I was getting ready to go to work, and I said, 'Come to the house now, now!'"

It is unclear if any of the suspects sustained injuries from the machete.

Police continue to search for the suspects involved. Anyone with additional information is asked to call the Grand Rapids Police Department at 616-456-3400 or Silent Observer at 616-774-2345.