CPR required for all Michigan students before graduation

Posted at 2:27 AM, Jan 14, 2017

MICHIGAN — A new law aimed at saving lives across the state is requiring all Michigan students to complete CPR training in order to graduate.

The new legislation will go info effect for the 2017-2018 school year, but several teachers told FOX 17 they already are teaching their students how to save lives.

Dan Droski, a health teacher at City High School says he's been teaching this program for nearly ten years already, saying the program saves lives.

"I’ve had a couple students come up and say, 'my friend in the lunch room my was choking and I remembered (exactly) what I do,'" Droski said.

Tyler Accardi with ProTrainings says the stigma and stress involved with saving a life can be overwhelming.

"That's why it's so important as part of the training program we build their confidence," said Accardi, Director of ProTraining's student CPR program.

"In it's purest form, it's (CPR) is not that complicated. The complicated piece is how to get them over threat fear of legal processions, over catching a disease, or over the fear of hurting someone."

Bill 647 is now aimed at getting as many people comfortable with CPR as possible.

"This program has been up and running for four years, and we've trained nearly 90,000 students across the nation," Accardi said.

Accardi has been helping teachers implement CPR in schools for years. However, now it will be a requirement for Michigan students in order to graduate. Accardi believes the end result is having someone in the right place at the right time, and saving someone's life.

ProTrainings is one of a handful of health and safety companies helping educate students throughout the Nation. They provide classrooms with all training materials including CPR mannequins and free CPR training videos.

These courses are open and free to the public as well, click here for ProTraining's free CPR training videos.

According to the American Heart Association, Michigan is now one of 35 states to pass this legislation. This time next year, all Michigan schools will be required to teach these life-saving skills.

"Now we're creating hundreds of thousands of new rescuers every year, and that's a great way to get lots of people with that knowledge out in the streets," Accardi said.