Here’s where Sasha was during President Obama’s farewell speech

Posted at 12:35 PM, Jan 11, 2017

CHICAGO — President Obama's youngest daughter was noticeably absent during her father's farewell speech in Chicago Tuesday evening.

During his speech, the camera turned to first lady Michelle Obama and their daughter Malia. Sasha was not seen sitting with them.

Immediately Twitter users began asking where the president's youngest daughter was. The Internet began searching for absent Sasha, using the hashtag #whereissasha.

Among the theories, Sasha was on an elite anti-terrorism mission or looking for President-elect Trump's tax returns.

The truth -- a little more mundane. A senior administration official says Sasha missed the speech because she has an exam in the morning.

Sasha, 15, is a sophomore at the prestigious DC private school, Sidwell Friends.

On Twitter, people definitely noticed her absence:

And then there were the theories regarding her whereabouts:

Approximately 18,000 people attended the president's farewell speech, according to White House estimates.