Winter Weather Advisory begins Wednesday AM

Posted at 9:47 AM, Jan 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-03 09:50:26-05

WEST MICHIGAN-  Sharply colder air is on the way to our area after several days of warmer than normal temperatures.


A cold front is off to our west and will arrive later on Wednesday after sunset.  We can expect our high temperatures on Wednesday to occur at midnight.


A Winter Weather Advisory is in place for several counties in West Michigan starting Wednesday morning.  Heavy snow won't fall all in one day, it will be over a period of a few days.


Dangerous wind chills in the morning as strong west winds gusting over 30 mph are likely throughout the area.  This will also blow around any snow that has started to fall, creating visibility issues.


This is NOT a one day snow event.  This will be over the course of several days and will be of the lake effect variety.


As I mentioned before, this event will last several days off and on.  Thru Friday, there will be a few totals upwards of 8 inches.  Notice how I've labeled "up to" next to some of the expected totals?  This has to do with the expected banding of the lake effect snow.  As usual, there will be spots within a few miles of each other that differ in snow totals by several inches.  These darker banded areas labeled won't all receive 8 inches, but higher totals will be expected in these areas.  We'll keep you up to speed as anything changes, and you can always be up to date using the FOX 17 Weather App.