“It’s all about moving forward:” Two women band together, promoting love, not hate

Posted at 6:33 AM, Dec 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-29 07:37:46-05

ADA, Mich. -- Two months after the national election, the divisions in the country are reflected in the label Time Magazine used: the "Divided States of America." But Vita Eizans and Erin Nowak seek to spread a message of unity: "Hate has no home here."

The movement first got its start in a small neighborhood in Chicago in an unlikely source: a third grader and a kindergartner.

The movement's signs are appearing everywhere, from Jamaica to Sweden, and here in West Michigan.

Eizans says although it may not be the answer, it's a start.

Signs with the simple and powerful statement, are written in six languages with an American flag heart nearby.

"It was specifically designed, I believe, to have two different colors so it was truly apolitical," Eizans said. "It’s all about moving forward and what we need to do know to heal the divide that we have in our country and make sure everyone has a home here."

Eizans goal is to raise enough money to print decals and signs so she can distribute them free of charge to interested business in the area.

She already has a sign up at her home in Ada, showing others that she values love, acceptance and inclusion over intolerance, violence and hate.

"West Michigan is a wonderful community," she said. "I think a lot of people have been silent (...) it’s no longer okay to be silent."

That's why Eizans and Nowak are seeking to help others feel welcome and safe, regardless of their sexual orientation, religion, political leaning, or race.

"We’re still all humans, and we connect on that level," Nowak said.
"Love is greater than all of those divisions."

Grand Rapids Mayor, Rosalynn Bliss is off until after the New Year, but staff members say she supports the idea.

Eizans and Nowak are hoping to raise $7,500 through a GoFundMe page.

There is more information on the "Hate has no home here' Facebook page.

If you feel like you could benefit from support from a loving community, or you would like to get involved in the 'Hate has no home here' movement, email Eizans or Nowak at