Dashcam video shows dog jumping out of moving SUV on busy interstate

Posted at 4:16 PM, Dec 21, 2016

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Dashcam video captured a dog jumping out of a moving vehicle on Interstate 70 in Colorado on Tuesday.

Erica Robles Kannely posted the video to Facebook, showing the white dog jumping out of an open window of the SUV. Kannely said it happened in the eastbound lanes near the Youngfield Street exit.

The dog rolled over a couple of times and skidded into the center lane of the interstate. The driver with the dashcam brakes immediately before hitting the dog, which got up, stopped, then hopped over to its owner who had stopped on the left shoulder.

The owner picked up the dog, which did not appear to be injured. Other vehicles stopped on the interstate to make sure the dog was OK.

"Oh wow! My heart is beating so fast after watching this video that Mike caught while driving on the highway today!" Kannely wrote on Facebook.

"This could have been so much worse!! Please share so people can see how dangerous it is to let our dogs look out the window!

"Thank God there was traffic so they weren't going too fast! I am so guilty of letting my dogs look out the windows while I drive. But NEVER again!