Lowell man creates ‘Santa’s Landing’ Christmas light display

Posted at 10:28 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-14 08:45:00-05

LOWELL, Mich. -- A man in Lowell is pulling out all the stops this holiday season.

The Miller household has an elaborate Christmas light display set up at their home on Trent Street.

One of the main parts of the display is a tunnel of lights that they call Santa's Landing.   They say the idea for the tunnel came when their kids were young; they didn't have a chimney, so this is where the man in red landed.

Now they want to share the Christmas lights with everyone.

"We aren't Santa or anything, we are just crazy Christmas light people," Randall Miller said.   "The more lights we put up, the more Santa can see us.  And we have even een seen from Google Maps a time or two."

You might remember Miller from Halloween, when he turned his home into a haunted house for the whole neighborhood.

When it comes to the Christmas display, it takes them about two weeks to put everything up.

"Everyone wants to know what the electric bill is.  It probably adds what? 30 or 40 dollars.   Everything is mostly LED," said Miller.

Randall says even if it cost them $500, they'd do it.

They take care of the inside of the house too, with a whole Christmas village, life-sized Santa and a 12-foot tree.

"For someone that had a bad day to drive by and just smile and think 'Maybe that wasn't that bad' and get their mind off it.  That's what it's for," said Miller.

If you have a great Christmas light display, you could win a new camera. Upload a photo at this link.