Morning Mix


Morning Mix’s Favorite Things: Paint, Frogglez, Nobitech, and Zoonicorns

Posted at 8:52 AM, Dec 01, 2016

Throughout the year thanks to some generous companies, the Fox 17 Morning Mix Team has been collecting some great products and testing them out.

So if you're looking for a Christmas gift, or maybe want to treat yourself, take a look at some of these products:

Dixie Belle Paint

  • Chalk Mineral Paint
  • Very Adhesive
  • No need for sanding, priming or prep work, just paint!
  • Lightly wipe off once it's dry, and apply paint and distress if needed.
  • Paint dries really quick, and looks great!


  • Say goodbye to swimming goggles that pull hair, hurt your ears, and are painful to adjust.
  • Frogglez don't sink, they float to the surface and are made out of the same material as wet suits.
  • Olympic swimmers endorse Frogglez.
  • Available at Target and Walmart.


Womens Performance Long Sleeve AJ301Mens Performance 1/4 Zip Pullover with side pocket AI914

  • Repels bugs with micro-encapsulated technology and safe for everyone.
  • Effective for 25 washings.
  • Uses Skintex MRIII technology with permethrin, a natural ingredient.
  • Approved by EPA


  • Stuffed animals look like a combination of zebras and unicorns, creating the name Zoonicorn.
  • Each Zoonicorn comes with a children's book.
  • Books are educational for children, and educational for adults.
  • Website for kids with games, coloring pages, and more.