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Toyota dealership offers free fix for man’s odometer after Problem Solvers report

Posted at 10:09 PM, Nov 29, 2016

CLIMAX, Mich. -- A West Michigan dealership is taking care of a man's Toyota Prius odometer problem after a FOX 17 Problem Solvers report.

Jim Burgess' 2005 Prius was nothing short of reliable for several years, but the odometer stopped at 299,999.

Toyota claims the faulty odometer is only in 2005 models of the Prius, Corolla, and Corolla Matrix.  However, they initially said the only way to fix it for free is if it's under the 9 year warranty.  Otherwise the customer has to cough up more than $500 for a fix.

“There are several issues at stake when you can’t track your mileage," Burgess told FOX 17 earlier this month.  "My tires happen to be under warranty but I have to have mileage proof to show they are under warranty. I have to have oil changes on time; that’s how this car has lasted this long.”

Kool Toyota contacted FOX 17 after seeing the initial Problem Solvers report, and is offering to replace Burgess' odometer for free.

"It feels really good, actually, that somebody can see it and see it from a customer's point of view and make it right," Burgess said.

If Burgess rides his Prius for another 300,000 miles, the same thing will happen to the odometer, but Kool said they will continue to replace it as long as the vehicle lasts.  They're hoping to fix it for him as early as next week.