Wet Thanksgiving travel

Posted at 9:19 AM, Nov 21, 2016

WEST MICHIGAN- After several days in a row of above normal temperatures, a taste of late fall and early winter has finally arrived.  The good news for those traveling somewhere ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday is that we’re likely to see decent conditions in the region.


Once again, we’re going to be in the warmer sector of air as we head toward late Tuesday into early Wednesday.  The heavier snows will remain off to the northwest as the low pressure center tracks to our northwest as well.


One thing we’re going to have to keep an eye out for is a mix of rain and snow early Wednesday morning.  A lot of this has to to with the timing of the precipitation.  It will arrive in the pre dawn hours, at our coldest point of the day.  This looks to be the main catalyst for flakes mixing in, with even some other wintry precipitation possible for a brief moment.  It looks as temperatures will remain warm enough to keep it mostly rain by the afternoon, although the further north you go, you may run into that changeover into snow as well.


For Thanksgiving afternoon in the midwest, there’s no major cold snap wherever you may travel, as many regions hover the freezing mark at the very worst.


Despite a very cold morning on Tuesday, temps overnight will warm up enough to keep our precipitation mostly liquid.  Even Thursday morning, expect a few lingering showers before the afternoon warms up into the mid 40s.