ArtPrize sees an Art ‘Reprise’ to help local artists sell pieces

Posted at 10:52 PM, Nov 13, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – ArtPrize has come and gone, but many of the pieces still remain in West Michigan. That’s why ‘Art Reprise’ hit the scene this year for the first time in downtown Grand Rapids, holding a special 3-day event at the Harris Building on South Division.

It can be difficult for pieces to sell during ArtPrize. And with many struggling artists trying to make a name for themselves, this event helps give them a chance to make a profit on some of their works.

"Our artists here always had a hard time selling art during ArtPrize," said Bob Dykstra, manager at the Harris Building. "This was an opportunity for artists to bring their work in here and continue to sell it after ArtPrize."

To capitalize on that opportunity, pieces were brought in from this year’s ArtPrize competition as well as those from last year’s.

"Had quite a few people in here and everybody really loved the art work, and the artists were especially pleased because of the opportunity to sell," Dykstra said.

Seventy-percent of the sale price goes to the artist, some goes to organizers, and another portion goes to an artist residence fund.

The pieces will be left up for sale for another three weeks.