Viewers look to ‘SNL’ and Alec Baldwin to take on Trump’s hot mic comments

Posted at 10:06 PM, Oct 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-08 22:06:03-04

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — You’ll likely hear a lot censored audio on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The long-time variety show airs the second episode of its 42nd season Saturday night — just one day after a 2005 recording surfaced of Donald Trump making vulgar comments about women.

“SNL” viewers took to social media on Friday to theorize how the show — and Alec Baldwin, who plays Trump — will satirize the candidate’s hot mic moment.

“The prospect of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump tomorrow night on SNL is almost too much for me to bear,” tweeted Doug Sovern, a political reporter for KCBSNews. “Imagine the writers room right now.”

Following Trump’s apology video late Friday, some predicted a spin on that video would make up the show’s cold open.

“Is there any chance SNL’s cold open is not the Trump apology video?,” tweeted Sam Adams, culture reporter for Slate. “(No, there is no chance.)”

With Baldwin temporarily on board, “SNL” is stepping up its political satire through the election. Friday’s Trump news undoubtedly resulted in careful rewrites.

Trump’s controversial conversation took place with NBC’s Billy Bush. At the time, Bush was host of the network’s “Access Hollywood” entertainment news magazine. He’s now an anchor on the third hour of NBC’s “Today.”

And Baldwin has his own caught-on-tape moment. In 2007, audio was leaked of the actor calling his daughter — then age 11 — a “little pig” on a voicemail recording.

Some late night hosts have already weighed on Trump’s lewd remarks, but not with jokes.

“Every week I say this. This is really happening,” the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” said during his live broadcast Friday night.

Stephen Colbert, host of CBS’ “The Late Show,” posted a video on Twitter with his take.

“Trump says in the video quote ‘when you’re a star they let you get away with anything,’ and unfortunately that’s true because Donald Trump is the Republican nominee,” Colbert said. “Hopefully someday he’ll be telling the story of how he tried to f*** America and failed.”

Away from Trump, another reason viewers may turn in is to see Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The “Hamilton” creator is set to host Saturday’s show. There may be a good chance that Baldwin’s Trump and the smash hit musical come together on the “SNL” stage.

“I think I figured out how @SNL, hosted by @Lin_Manuel tonight, will open,” tweeted Scott Feinberg, a columnist for The Hollywood Reporter. “With @AlecBaldwin’s Trump singing: ‘I *am* throwin’ away my shot!'”