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Court orders gun range to shut down, but owner isn’t throwing in the towel yet

Posted at 10:13 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 22:13:08-04

DALTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. -- Muskegon County's 14th Circuit Court ordered a Dalton Township shooting range and shop to shut down Friday.

The closure comes after more than a year of the Grasmeyer gun shop being fined and ordered by Dalton Township to make changes to their range.

Residents have complained about alleged increased activity, shooting after hours, and stray bullets.

The township brought a lawsuit against Grasmeyer in May 2015, demanding they make alterations to their gun range.   A judge ruled that the store violated the township board's consent judgment and said the store has to shut down.

Lee Grasmeyer says they just cannot function as a store front if the range has to be closed down.

Dalton Township Supervisor Jerry McIntire told FOX 17 that the township was pleased with the ruling.  As the court order stated, the shop was allowing cross shooting and wasn't improving the berms, which had shorter than 50 yard range.

Grasmeyer denies all of that.

"We have put in tons of man hours to make it a safe place for people," he said.  "Be somewhere you want to shoot instead of just out in the woods."

Neighbors like Jon Dalloway did not want it to end this way.

"My goal was to make it safe," he said.  "I'm sorry he had to press it that far.  He probably could have spent less money and got the problem fixed quicker and still be doing what he does today."

Even though Grasmeyer said he's tired of fighting, an excavator voluntarily was working to make his berms higher today while FOX 17 was at the range.    Grasmeyer does have the chance to reopen if he follows everything in the court order.