Kittens found dead in trash and under bed; other animals rescued from hoarding

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 17:26:05-04

MUSKEGON, Mich. -- A Muskegon homeowner faces animal cruelty and drug charges after a former tenant found dead kittens in a trash bin outside the house.

Adam Brege, 32, is charged with one animal cruelty misdemeanor and a 2-year felony for marijuana possession, due to a prior 2006 conviction. He's out on $8,000 bond.

Monday night, police and animal rescuers responded to Brege's home on the 1700 block of Jarman Street after a former tenant found four dead kittens in the trash. Inside the home police say they found "excessive animal waste," and no food or water for the animals.  Then, inside a bedroom they found seven cats and one dog alive, a pot lying out in the open and another kitten under a bed, dead.

Brege admitted the animals and pot were his, according to court documents.

Thursday, FOX 17 checked in on the seven cats rescued who are now on the road to adoption at Pound Buddies in Muskegon. Volunteer Marcia Lipps says they are set to be spayed and neutered Monday and if all goes well, they will be available for adoption next Friday.

"They're a lot more comfortable," said Lipps. "Easy enough to treat, none of them were in desperate shape."

Brege's neighbor Janice Sturm told FOX 17 it was a smelly hoarding situation.

"At first I just figured with all the cats in there it's starting to smell like a litter box, but then a couple of times, I don't know if the wind blew just right or what, that it was just like really overpowering," said Sturm.

"They were from a situation where they didn't know litter boxes, they didn't know blankets, they didn't know that water dishes were supposed to stay upright," said Lipps. "They're getting better."

Brege will be back in court for his probable cause hearing Aug. 11.

As for the cats, and dog, if you would like to adopt them (or others) fill out Pound Buddies' online application here.