Groomer accused of kicking dog, breaking its ribs

Posted at 10:11 PM, Jul 30, 2016

IOWA CITY, Iowa — Police in Iowa City say a dog was kicked by a worker at a veterinary center, causing serious injuries including broken ribs.

According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Lucas Van Orden V., 22, told investigators he kicked the dog during a grooming session on July 9 at Creature Comfort Veterinary Center in Iowa City.

The dog sustained broken ribs and bruised lungs, according to the paper. The animal was kept under observation at an animal emergency room for several nights after the incident.

In a post on reddit, the owners wrote that they knew their dog, a corgi named Jasper, was in pain as soon as they picked him. The dog reportedly walked slowly with his ears pointed down and yelped when he was picked up.

Van Orden V. was arrested on Thursday and charged with animal neglect. His court date is set for Aug. 25.

The suspect’s father, Van Orden IV, owns the practice, according to KCRG. He issued a statement regarding the incident:

“The owners and management of Creature Comfort Veterinary Center are aware of an animal injury during grooming, and subsequent citation for animal neglect issued by the City of Iowa City against the groomer. Any animal injury is of paramount concern, and is not tolerated in any respect. Immediately upon learning of this incident, the groomer was discharged from his employment.”