West Michigan 7th grader shooting 25,000 hoops

Posted at 6:59 PM, Jul 27, 2016

HUDSONVILLE -- Kobe Kambestad, 12, is going into the 7th grade at Baldwin Middle School -- and loves the game of basketball. "I love it," he says. "Like I always say I want to have a job that I enjoy doing, like basketball. It's my favorite thing to do."

He and his Dad practice together for three to four hours per day, keeping track of how many baskets he makes. He tallied 23,000 last summer, "And now I'm trying to break 25,000," he said, "Which we don't know anyone who's ever done that."

It would be another accomplishment on his already impressive resume of basketball achievements. This past Sunday, he and his American Youth Basketball team -- the Fast Break Chargers -- took home the national championship title for the 7th grade level by beating another local team, Grand Rapids - Seidman. And Kobe won the tournament's three point shootout for the second straight year. In addition, he also won the overall three point competition for 4th through 7th grade. "It's a pretty amazing feeling," says his Mother, Laura Kambestad. "You want your kid to have those experiences where they feel amazing. Not everyone gets those opportunities in their life."

The 25,000 point goal for this summer would highlight all the extra hard work he does during the off-season. "I think his work ethic is what sets him apart," says his Father, Kirk Kambestad. "And once he grows, I mean he's just going to be that much better." He's also a good student. His father adds, "He got all A's last year at Baldwin Middle School and he's a great kid and that's really what's most important."

Kobe says his favorite player is Steph Curry, and his favorite team is the Golden State Warriors. He hopes to follow in his footsteps one day. "Beyond right now I want to get into a good college -- hopefully free scholarships -- then I want to try to get into the NBA," he says.