‘Please don’t point the gun at us!’ 911 calls reveal terrifying moments before Texas mom fatally shot her daughters

Posted at 2:28 PM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 14:28:26-04

Warning: The 911 calls contain graphic content.

KATY, Texas – Newly released 911 calls reveal the terrifying final moments of two sisters who were shot to death by their mother in Texas.

On Friday, 42-year-old Christy Sheats called her two daughters — Madison Sheats, 17, and Taylor Sheats, 22 — along with her husband, Jason Sheats, to a family meeting.

During the meeting, investigators said, Christy pulled out a gun and fired, striking both of her daughters as they and her husband ran outside.

Madison and Taylor both called 911 before they were shot to death, KHOU reports.

In the disturbing 911 calls, Jason could be heard begging his wife not to shoot.

“Please don’t point the gun at us … I beg you, please put it away,” Jason Sheats pleaded. “I’m sorry. I promise you, whatever you want …”

Madison was shot just as she made it outside the home. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Christy fired again in front of the house, hitting Taylor once before going inside to reload, witnesses said.

“She’s coming back again. Oh!!! She shot her again. The female that was lying on the ground,” a neighbor told the 911 dispatcher.

Christy allegedly walked back outside and shot Taylor one more time.

Taylor was rushed to Memoriam Hermann Hospital, where she later died.

Officers found Christy in the street “and, after refusing to drop her weapon, was shot and killed by a Fulshear officer,” according to police.

“I can hear bullets,” the neighbor said in the 911 call. “She [the shooter] is lying down… It doesn’t look like she’s moving anymore.”

Christy had a history of mental illness, and police had responded to the Texas home “for previous altercations,” stemming from her “mental crisis,” a Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman told People Magazine.

She had just reunited with Jason after the two separated for a time, according to the Washington Post.

Friday, the day he would watch his wife shoot their daughters to death, was his birthday, according to the Post.

Witnesses told KHOU that before the shootings, Christy yelled that she wanted her husband to suffer.

Jason was hospitalized for emotional trauma – photos show him being led away from the scene of the shooting.