Grand Rapids issues ‘fire warning’ for the Fourth of July

Posted at 2:08 PM, Jun 29, 2016

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The Grand Rapids Fire Prevention Bureau is issuing a fire warning for the 4th of July holiday weekend, due to dry conditions in the area.

This is not a ban on the use of fireworks this weekend.

“It’s just really important for everybody to recognize that fireworks are a source of ignition,” says Lt. William Smith with the Grand Rapids Police Department.

Lt. Smith says the dry conditions won’t halt the downtown display Saturday, but he wants people to keep in mind the danger that can come with a lack of caution.    Just last week, firefighters battled a blaze along I-196 that they attributed to fireworks.

“These are dry areas out there,” Smith said.  “The vegetation is a little crispy.  That means it can be readily ignited, so please be careful.

The FOX 17 Weather Team says that the only chance of rain in the next seven days is late Thursday evening or overnight.  Conditions are already dry in West Michigan.

The Grand Rapids Fire Department is advising residents to use caution when lighting off fireworks.  Grass and brushfires could start where fireworks are shot off or where they land.

State law prohibits fireworks on public land.  The Grand Rapids ordinance says fireworks should only be used on the day before, day of, and day after a national holiday and not be used between Midnight and 8 a.m.