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Fast Fix- Organizing Necklaces

Posted at 11:08 AM, Jun 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-29 11:09:19-04

Ladies, have you ever gone to grab your favorite necklace from your jewelry box, only to pull it out tangled and intertwined with all of your other jewelry?

There's a way to make sure that your necklaces stay knot-free and organized.

fast fixfast fix 2

First, grab some paper clips and bend them so that they form an "S" shape. Then, grab a coat hanger and hang the paper clips on the coat hanger so they act like little hooks.

fast fix 4

Now all that's left to do is hang your necklaces on the hooks. You'll never have to untangle your necklaces again with this homemade necklace holder.