Battle Creek Bombers host Second Amendment Night

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jun 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-24 22:30:28-04

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Baseball fans in Battle Creek exercised their Second Amendment rights on Friday night. The Battle Creek Bombers game allowed fans to open carry firearms.

It was definitely not your average night at the ballpark, but one that caused quite a bit of controversy.

"We've just had this stigma for so long that guns are evil, guns are bad and guns are only meant for killing and no it's not that" said Tom Lambert, president of Michigan Open Carry.

"Guns have so many other uses, they're a tool. It's all about the person. Good people have guns too and tonight, boy does that prove it."

Friday night's promotion at C.O. Brown Stadium was really meant to promote firearm safety; a controversial topic, but a conversation these fans want to have.

"These are the folks you go to church with, these are the folks you'd like to go to dinner with and these are the kind of folks you'd like to go to a baseball game with, right?" said Joel Fulton, co-owner of Freedom Firearms.

"They are very friendly, very affable. Nobody is upset or angry and nobody that is carrying firearms is drinking alcohol and getting stupid. Everybody is conducting themselves exactly the way they're supposed to because we're responsible, law-abiding American citizens."

Gun shops like Freedom Firearms and organizations like The Well-Armed Woman set up booths at Friday's game for education and merchandise.

"I think this is fantastic" said Carmen Bartholomew, chapter leader for the South Central Chapter of The Well-Armed Woman. "I think there is a lot of misconception and I think they need to remember where we started and why we have Second Amendment rights."

At a time where guns are in the spotlight, this group says guns aren't the problem.

"We're not the criminals" said Fulton. "This is not what you have to worry about. This is the positive everyday aspect of firearms life in America."

There were some concerns that warranted increased security and police presence at the game.  Anyone who had a ticket to Friday's game who didn't feel comfortable attending could exchange their tickets for another night.