Woman charged in murder of her husband; parrot imitates outburst

Posted at 2:45 PM, Jun 23, 2016

NEWAYGO COUNTY, Mich. — More than a year after a man was found shot to death at his home in Sand Lake, murder charges have been filed against his wife.

Glenna Duram was charged Thursday with first-degree murder and felony firearm possession. She is being held without bond, accused of killing her husband Martin "Marty" Duram May 13, 2015 at their home in Sand Lake.

Marty was shot five times, including once in the head. He was dead at the scene.  Glenna was critically injured at the scene as well.

According to Marty's parents, Charles and Lillian, it stemmed from a domestic fight that got out of hand.

"No matter what happens I lose, I lost a son and I’m gonna lose a daughter-in-law," said Charles Duram. "But when I wake up in the morning my wife ain’t crying and asking for justice, I can live with that."

Duram's parents told FOX 17 in October 2015, apparent suicide notes were found in the days after the killing, allegedly written by Glenna in the couple's home.  A handgun believed to be the murder weapon was also found.

There was also an unlikely alleged witness to the crime, Duram's pet parrot named Bud who's now living with his ex-wife, Christian Keller.

"Bud was mine and Marty’s parrot when we were married," said Keller. "He ended up keeping bud for the 15 years we have been not married, I got bud back after this situation had happened. Two weeks after the incident, Bud started going into rants I couldn’t explain. Screaming, yelling, and always ending with 'don’t f**** shoot.' I believe with all my heart that those are pretty close to last words of Marty."

Documents obtained by FOX 17 in October show the couple had a history of gambling and money issues. Just one month before the shooting, they learned their home was being foreclosed on. Police say both Martin and Glenna had children from previous marriages.