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Dad Hacks: Cheap Baby Locks and Sippy Cup Soap Dispensor

Posted at 12:14 PM, Jun 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-17 12:13:43-04

Yard Stick Baby Lock

f723eb6d-a0ea-48ad-bd8d-5462ee4157be_tabletKids love getting into things, especially the nice organized drawers they're not supposed to mess with.

Baby proofing everything in the house takes so much time, not to mention the cost of baby proof locks at the store can add up.

If you have vertical drawers, all you need to do is take a yard stick and slip it right in the middle of all the handles. That way when your toddler tries to open the drawer, it won't budge.

The hack might not work if your toddler is strong enough to pull open all the drawers at once. If that's the case, maybe invest in some actually baby locks. Cup Soap Dispenser

Some kids just don't like washing their hands, but there's a way you can take a step out of the hand washing process to make it more bearable.

Just take a sippy cup and cut a hole in the bottom. Cut the whole big enough to slip onto your faucet.

Then just add a  little soap, slide it onto the faucet, and turn it on. The water will come out of the sippy cup already soapy, cutting out a step for the kids washing their hands.

They just need to scrub their hands underneath the stream of water coming out of the cup until the water runs clear, and now they have clean hands.