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Dad Hacks: Floor Fan Fort and DIY Toilet Seat Warmer

Posted at 12:11 PM, Jun 16, 2016

Floor Fan Fort

Kids love building forts, but you don't want to tear apart the living room just so you can give your kids the coolest fort ever.

iBVnmV1PnRvxHere's how you can build one without rearranging all the furniture.  All you need is a large bed sheet and a floor fan.

Tuck the ends of the sheet under some heavy objects on the floor and tie some of those ends on the handle of the fan so all the air stays inside.

Turn on the fan, then watch the sheet inflate into an instant fort. It's a great way to stay cool during the summer too!

A duvet cover works really well with this dad hack.

DIY Toilet Seat Warmer

c47693e7-57fd-498d-9cce-935a6f0d6e0d_tabletKids don't like sitting on cold toilet seats. Well you can use some of those old tube socks you never wear to make sure they
don't have to sit on the cold bowl while they're in potty trailing.

Take two tube socks and slide one onto each end of the toilet seat, then you've got an instantly comfy toilet seat. Plus  you've saved a fortune instead of buying a toilet seat warmer.

Just make sure you wash those socks if you plan on wearing them again.