Warmer, Few Rain Chances Mixed In

Posted at 9:55 AM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-09 08:59:19-04

WEST MICHIGAN-  After a few days with temps 10-15 degrees below normal, we’ll return to seasonal trends over the next couple of days.  Thursday looks quite a bit warmer and more humid as we’ll drop in a rain chance as well, especially into the overnight hours.

Surface Analysis Wind Particles (2)

After a cooler morning, we’ll turn our focus to a warm front to our east, where temps are nearly 30 degrees warmer in some locations.

RPM 1 (6)

Thursday afternoon, rain will develop to our southwest.  This will be a situation with scattered showers and maybe a rumble of thunder during the day.

RPM 2 (6)

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible, but note the location of most of them.  They’ll be closer to interstate 94 and the Michigan-Indiana border than anything else.

Advanced Planning (1)

Not all locations in West Michigan will receive rain today.  Best opportunities will be south of I-96, and it won’t rain all day.

RPM 3 (4)

A better opportunity for widespread rainfall occurs Friday night into Saturday morning.  A warm front will remain very close to our region.  This will provide chances of rain through late morning Saturday.

Advanced Planning22 (1)

As it hold up right now, most of the rain holds out until after midnight on Friday.  There is a possibility of a pop up thunderstorm as heat and humidity increase nears the frontal system, however, most of the rain holds off until the overnight hours.  This is not an all day rain, yet again, so don’t cancel your plans for Saturday.  Just be aware of potentially changing conditions before we clear out completely by Sunday.