Eminem sells bricks from childhood home

Posted at 7:17 PM, May 24, 2016

DETROIT, Mich. — Here’s something that might make you feel old: It has been 16 years since Eminem released his “Marshall Mathers LP.”

To celebrate, he’s selling bricks from his childhood home in Detroit.  The home, which is featured on the album cover, was located just south of 8 Mile.  It was demolished in 2013 due to structure and safety issues.

However, the rapper saved a few things from it, including hundreds of bricks.

He was selling 700 of them for $313 each.  According to his website, the bricks are sold out.

If you’re wondering about that price point, it’s because 313 is the area code for Detroit.

A portion of the money raised from the bricks will go toward the Marshall Mathers Foundation to help rebuilding the city.