Couple’s wedding guest list consists of 1,100 cats

Posted at 3:07 PM, May 21, 2016

At most weddings, it would probably be considered impolite, or at the very least unusual, if the majority of guests began to lick themselves.

But it was neither impolite nor unusual in the case of the 1,100 guests at a Canadian couple’s destination wedding in California.

Dominic Husson and Louise Veronneau of Montreal on Tuesday exchanged vows at California’s Cat House on the Kings, a no-kill no-cage cat sanctuary, in what KSEE describes as the “purr-fect” wedding day.

“We are both animal lovers, and it shows,” Husson says. “She’s a great person, and that’s why I wanted to marry her.” In 2012, Veronneau visited the sanctuary and put it on her bucket list as a place to return to some day, reports KFSN.

(Husson hadn’t visited previous to the wedding.) “I feel in love,” Veronneau says. “I feel in love with the work [they’re] doing for the cats and the rescuing.” Cat House on the Kings has been a permanent home for more than 24,000 cats and 7,000 dogs since it was first established 24 years ago, reports the CBC.

The couple are the first to marry at the sanctuary, and founder Lynea Lattanzio admitted to pre-wedding jitters. But the cats and the couple got along well, and not a single across-the-aisle jab was reported to be traded.

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